The Tiger STEA²M Academy accepts applications from all interested students beginning in the 6th grade. Applications are made available to students at the end of 5th grade for consideration for the following year.

The Tiger STEA²M Academy is promoted to the community through press releases to the local newspaper, Snyder ISD Facebook and Twitter, parent meetings, student announcements, and letters home to parents. Teachers promote the program in their classrooms as well.

Through a series of parent meetings, the Tiger STEA²M Academy student and parent expectations are communicated. Parent meetings will be held in the month prior to the application acceptance period during the end of Spring semester. Students in 8th through 12th grades will be able to participate in the courses and be a member of the STEA²M program as well. Students can select classes in the STEA²M program, but the first age level to complete the Tiger STEA²M Academy begins in 6th grade.

Before the STEA²M Academy, students will have hands-on, meaningful STEM learning experiences at the Primary and Intermediate campuses. By promoting STEM activities at all campuses, student interest will be stimulated for increasing enrollment. The district has made PBL instruction and STEM activities in the classroom and during after school programs a priority. Bridge camp activities occur in the summer for STEM students.

Recruitment & Admission

Recruitment for STEA²M Academy students begins by emphasizing Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunities at all grade levels (PK-12). The emphasis of many of these units is meaningful, STEM focused learning experiences.

Throughout the year, our STEA²M Team can promotes the STEA²M Academy through social media, parent informationals, as well as after school events such as "Lights On After School" hosted by ACE. Below is a timeline for recruitment events for the 2018-2019 academic year, recruitment materials, and sample application packets.

Enrollment Documents & Forms