Tiger STEAM Education Program

The Tiger STEAM Program is integrated throughout Sndyer ISD campuses. ISnyder High School offers a new program offering college and career options for all students called the Snyder High School P-TECH program. Please explore the pages to learn more about our programs, our instructional practices, and how to apply.

The Tiger STEAM Program will strive to create 21st-century skills in life-long learners who pursue knowledge through critical thinking, creative thought, collaborative efforts, and effective communication skills. Students and teachers in the Tiger STEAM Academy will work to exceed the highest standards in academic excellence, work ethic, integrity, and service while investigating learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Energy, Art, Agriculture, and Math.

All students will be equipped to succeed in college, career, or military pathways upon graduation from Snyder High School.

STEAM Education at Snyder ISD is more than an acronym. It is a philosophy of teaching and learning that is intertwined into all campuses.

We interviewed, observed, and collaborated with over 2,000 stakeholders to answer the following question...

What should STEAM Learning look Like at Snyder ISD? To support teachers and students in reaching this deeper level of learning, we have a variety of resources for all grade levels and all content areas.

Check out our vertical scaffold of the deeper learning related to STEAM at each campus.

Visit the Snyder ISD STEM Lab


Dr. Rachael McClainAssistant Superintendent of Learning & Innovation Snyder ISD
Ryan ManeySTEAM Consultant
Shauna PinkertonCampus Academic & STEM Coordinator Snyder High School
Janell MartinDirector of College, Career, and Military Readiness
Shane StewartMath Department Head Snyder High School
Cole GossettSTEM Instructor, Principles of Engineering Snyder Junior High
Stephanie DucheneauxAcademic Dean Western Texas College
Ana Montoya21st Century ACE Grant Administrator Snyder ISD
Mark McClainCEO Big Country Electric Co-Op
Lauren CollierOwner T&K Dairy
Ed VinsonDirector of Research & Design Chemplex
Shaye MurphySnyder High School Principal
Courtney BoydElementary Math & STEAM Coordinator
Scott WhittenburgHigh School STEM Coordinator

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