Snyder ISD is committed to providing school meal access for students that are learning in a virtual environment. Please refer to the frequently asked questions below.

How can I receive school meals for my Snyder ISD students during virtual learning?

School meals will be provided at Snyder Primary School for curbside pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays (If school is closed on Monday, pick up will be on Tuesday). The curbside location is located in the bus loop drop-off area. Families can access the curbside meal program by car or walk up. Please stay in your vehicle if you drive to the site.

Are meals free for all children?

Meals are not free for all children. Snyder ISD meals are priced based on a meal eligibility application.

How can I apply for free/reduced price meals?

Families are encouraged to apply for meal benefits on paper applications. These can be picked up at the Administration Building, the Primary School front office, or the Child Nutrition office located at the back of the Primary School.

What is the cost for Snyder ISD student meals?

Students approved for free meals will be provided breakfast and lunch at no charge.

  • Elementary, Intermediate, and Junior High students approved for reduced price meals will be provided lunch for $0.40 daily.
  • High School students approved for reduced price meals will be provided breakfast for $.30 and lunch for $.40 daily.
  • Elementary and Intermediate School students not approved for free or reduced price meals will receive breakfast for no charge and $2.20 for lunch daily.
  • Junior High Students not approved for free or reduced price meals will receive breakfast for no charge and $2.35 for lunch daily.
  • High School students not approved for free or reduced price meals will be charged $1.40 for breakfast and $2.35 for lunch daily.

How can I add money to my child’s meal account?

Students that are not eligible for free meals will need to have money in their account in order to receive meals. Funds can be added electronically to the student’s account using the Skyward Family Access at www.SnyderISD.net. Funds can also be added at the time of pick up.

What happened to the money I had in my child’s meal account before the school closure in March?

Funds that were in your child’s meal account last school year are still available on the account if you have not already requested a refund. Account refunds can be requested at any time by calling 325-574-8620.

Where can I find the menu?

Menus will be posted at https://snyderisd.nutrislice.com/.

How do I order a meal for my child?

A separate document will be provided with instructions for ordering your breakfast and lunch meals through our Nutrislice app or website. All meals must be ordered the week before by Friday at noon.

What time is meal pick up?

Curbside meal distribution is scheduled for 11:45-1:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Snyder Primary School. When ordering meals using the Nutrislice app, you will be able to choose a pick up time at your convenience between the above times.

Does the student have to be present in order to get a meal?

No. Parents can pick up meals for Snyder ISD students without the student present in the vehicle. Parents will be required to provide the student ID number and general student information in order to pick up the meals.

Can I have meals delivered to my house?

Snyder ISD will not be delivering meals at this time.

Can I get meals for children in my home that don’t attend Snyder ISD?

Children that do not attend Snyder ISD can purchase a meal at the curbside program. The cost for a breakfast meal is $2.25 and for a lunch meal is $3.50 for non-Snyder ISD students or adults.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the meal program?

Please contact the Primary School Cafeteria Manager or call the School Nutrition office at 325-574-8620.