National Athletic Training Month

During March, Athletic Trainers across America are being recognized for their commitment to helping people prevent injuries, stay healthy and active, and provide interventions to injured athletes.  As healthcare professionals, they are highly educated and dedicated to the job at hand.  We would like to thank Alex Marsh, Athletic Trainer for Snyder High School, and her team of student trainers for their essential role in our schools! 

Alex is a rockstar! She has one of the hardest and most time-consuming jobs in our whole program. She does early morning treatment all year long, and from August to June, she is the first to arrive and the last to leave. We are super thankful for her! 

-Coach Wes Wood, AD & Head Football Coach

We would not be able to function without Alex. Alex sacrifices so much to make sure our kids are healthy and ready to play. She goes above and beyond! I appreciate Alex so much for everything she does, from, having treatment at 7:00 AM every morning, setting up our med bags, setting up our teams with student trainers, for being at our games, and for setting up for our games. She does not get nearly as much credit as she deserves!

-Coach Lee Scott, SHS Basketball Head Coach

Student-athletes always go through the worst time when they are injured as they do not get to play, so thank you for making sure their recovery is smooth and quick. We appreciate all you do and are blessed to have you here as our athletic trainer. Keep up the good work.  

-Coach Jessica Lima, Head Coach, Lady Tigers Soccer

Alex and her team of student trainers are a huge asset to our athletic programs. She works long hours to make sure everyone gets proper treatment and care, and we couldn't do this without her! We love you, Alex. 

-Regina Cummings, Head Coach, Lady Tigers Softball

Our athletic trainer, Alex Marsh, goes above and beyond her duties for all the teams, athletes, and coaches at Snyder ISD. The sacrifices she makes to be there for early morning treatments, late evening games, travel, and even on the weekends do not go unnoticed.  The Lady Tiger coaching staff and athletes want to say thank you for everything you do because we can’t do what we do without you.  

-Coach T’Leah Eicke, Girls Coordinator & Head Coach, Lady Tigers Basketball