staff pay increase grahic

During the Monday, July 31st Budget Workshop, the Snyder ISD Board of Trustees approved employee pay increases. A new teacher pay scale was adopted, which factored in a 2.5% step raise for the 2023-2024 school year. Returning employees not on the teacher pay scale will receive a 2.5% raise. 

“Many districts across the state are and will be facing difficult budget decisions with anticipated funding challenges,”  said Bob Rauch, Superintendent of Schools. “Although we have a relatively healthy fund balance, Snyder ISD will continue to work toward reducing a deficit budget to maintain a sustainable financial future.  We have to find ways to cut costs while staying competitive with salaries, improving morale, and recruiting and retaining the best team for our students.”

Brad Hinton, Snyder ISD Board of Trustees President, said, "Cost of living increases along with staff shortages in education makes staying competitive even more important. We know we can never reward teachers and staff enough, but we hope a pay increase and the hybrid calendar will provide our staff with a better work-life balance." The pay increases will be reflected in September paychecks.