Jayci and Ms. Hodge

Teachers and staff are the guiding lights who lead us on the path of knowledge and wisdom. Their dedication and hard work leave an indelible mark on our journey of learning. Before the game, the  Lady Tigers Basketball teams recognized some of the Snyder ISD teachers and staff members for their unwavering support and dedication. 

Mr. Tom Gonzales better known as Mr. G

Anadaney Rojo: We have gotten really close and he has been there for me when I needed it. 

Jasmine Hernandez: He is a fun teacher to have and he teaches me so much.

Coach Bob Campbell

Addison Ulm: I picked Coach Campbell because he always motivates me in class to get a double double or talks to me about my games. I also really enjoy his class and think he’s a very nice person

Mrs. Wendy Hunter

Jessica Crawford: Mrs. Hunter has been supportive in every aspect of my life since my freshman year. I have enjoyed being in her pathway and continuing her class. Mrs. Hunter has been a constant and kind person in my life. I am so grateful to have her!

Mr. Andrew Trent- Nichols

Lindsey Rios: Trent-Nichols shows his passion for English. He is one of the most understanding teachers we have. Trent understood what it was like to be a college student and high school student. He is kind and shows his support for us. Without him, I wouldn't have made it to Senior year. Thanking him isn't enough. 

Coach Regina Cummings

Arynne Vasquez: Coach Cummings has always pushed me to be a better version of myself. She helped me every time I needed help even if I didn't ask for it, she always knew. I am very thankful for her and her kindness

Giselle Borrego: Coach Cummings helps me understand and takes her time with me. Thank you Coach Cummings 

Coach Tanya Samples 

Mia Villa: I chose Coach Samples as my teacher's appreciation because in the little bit of time at SHS she always pushed me to do my best and gave me an opportunity to prove myself! She is such an amazing person, she will make you laugh and smile all the time! 

Mr. Scott Clark 

Eliana Quiroz: Mr. Clark has shown nothing but patience when working with me and helping me to better understand our topics. He's realistic and just wants what's best for each of his students. 

Mrs. Donna Howington 

Kim Groage: I picked Mrs. Howington because her class happens to be the class that makes my day better. She teaches Geometry and I may not know what is going on in that class but she makes it to where you can understand it if you ask her questions. My friends and I might get on her nerves but she still keeps her cool with us and that’s appreciated.

Coach Tonia Rauch

Lily Rauch: I chose Mrs. Rauch because she is the best teacher. She is really helpful and she pushes me to do better. She is also my mom.

Mrs. Amy Sartain 

Avery Ibarra: I picked Mrs Sartain because she’s very nice and always willing to help others.

Lynnzy Escobedo: Mrs. S is always a big inspiration to me and the rest of her students. She’s always helpful toward her students and she’s very understanding. Mrs. S is a very fun and kind teacher. She’s always helping with work and trying her best to make sure we learn and have fun. She’s a very sweet teacher and is always making my day when I go to her class.

Mrs. Isela Snodgrass

Hailey Tarin: I picked Mrs. Snodgrass because she’s very nice and always willing to help others.

Hannah Arispe: I get along with Mrs. Snodgrass very well and she is my favorite 

Mr. Juan Rodriguez

Peyten Grope: Mr. Rodriguez has always been there for me. Whether it was inside or outside of school he has impacted my life. He'll forever push me to go do more and become more. I'm grateful for the positive impact he's had on my life. 

Mr. Steve Krueger

Chloe Henson: I chose Mr.Krueger because he is very funny and outgoing and easy to understand. He never fails to put a smile on my face, and he’s always in a good mood. He’s very uplifting and his taste in music is really good.

Nevaeh Torres: I chose Mr.Krueger because he is always so positive, and no matter what day I am having, he always somehow finds a way to make my day better. 

Mr. Darren Hughes

Iverie Castillon: I picked Mr. Hughes because even though I'm sassy with him all the time, he’s one of my all-time favorite teachers. He never fails to make me laugh in any mood I'm in. I like how he and I can joke around together and things like that. I appreciate all the hard work he has put into Snyder High School and all he has sacrificed. I’m forever grateful to have a teacher like Mr. Hughes. 

Avery Murray: I've always struggled with learning history and understanding the sequence of the events that took place. When I got put into his class I felt a change. He was the first history teacher that was able to keep me motivated and help me throughout the whole class. 

Lexie Beynon: I love learning in his class.

Janitorial Staff- Jill Hodge

Jayci Medrano: I chose to appreciate the janitors because every day they keep our school clean and sanitary while also having a good attitude. Our janitors get to the school early and are one of the last to leave. I want them to know that SHS appreciates all they do and that their job does not go overlooked. 

Coach T’Leah Jennings

Nevaeh Torres: I Chose Coach Jennings because she always makes sure I am always on top of my work and tries to keep me in check. She always tries to be understanding on my rough days and is someone I can talk to if needed.