--Band Solo & Ensemble--

We received a few messages from concerned citizens this evening, “Should I be worried? Why are there so many cars at tonight’s Board Meeting?” and, “Is everything ok at the administration office? The parking lot is packed!” Rest assured, everything was ok.

If you weren’t at the Snyder ISD Board of Trustees Meeting, here are a few things you missed: We celebrated FIFTY-ONE State Qualifiers, welcomed the new Chief Academic Officer Dr. Jessica Gore and Athletic Director / Head Football Coach Anthony Gonzales and their families, recognized EIGHT teachers for being awarded the TEA Teachers Incentive Allotment,, and named the April Employees of the Month - Kaycee Schniers and Skyler Baker!

Let’s start with state qualifiers: These students have represented Snyder ISD in academics, arts, and athletics! We love seeing our students compete and succeed in various events and extracurricular activities.

--Band Solo & Ensemble--

board members and students

Emma Brunson

Tuff Leatherwood

William Rodriguez

Lauren Whitefield

--VASE --

Isabelle Bird

Ragan Smith


board members and students

Paola Miranda

Angel Miranda

Sophia Morado

Lindsey Rios

Peyten Grope

Melanie Taylor

Faith Rosas

Maria Valadez-Murillo

--Choir Solo & Ensemble--

board members and studentsNethan Dagani

Chloe Hombrebueno

Kevin Jimenez Zacarias

Shelby Powell

Avian Torres

--Skills USA--

board members and studentsRodney Burchfield

Angela Marquez

Marinela Fajardo

Noah Fuentes

--UIL Congress--

board members and studentsChadwick Browning

Carson Posey

Reagan Trujillo

Ashton Arizmendi

Yasmin Thamez

--UIL Science--

Benjamin Kerr

--UIL Theatrical Design--

Jaxon West


board members and studentsJay Castillo


board members and studentsCristal Corona

Jonathan Corona

Abel Rios

Modesto Estrada

Isabella Martinez

Anahi Juarez

Heiley Tran

Carlos Galindo

Israel Chaparro


Adrian Avalos

Alejandro Flores

Chandler Tran

Faith Franks


board members and studentsTymrie Collier

Jagger Collier

John Gregory

Whitley Anderson

Allie Gullett

Anna Stellutti

Griffin Cypert

Carter Morris

••Teacher Incentive Allotment Recipients••

TIAThrough approved local designation systems, districts can identify and designate outstanding teachers based on student growth and classroom observation. Employing designated teachers generates extra funding for districts to reward top performers. Let's congratulate the following teachers for earning this distinction!

  • Mary Hagins – Recognized

  • Erica Leija – Exemplary

  • Yuliana Thamez - Exemplary

  • Afton Schneider – Master – Increased level

  • Kristhel Porta – Master – Increased level

  • Brittany Beltran - Recognized

  • Lilian Juarez – Master – Increased level

  • Tanya Cartwright - Master

Learn more here: https://tiatexas.org/about/what-is-tia/

••Employee of the Month, April 2024••

Kaycee SchniersSkyler Baker

With over 100 responses from staff, students, and the community, we had a tie for the April Employee of the Month! Congratulations to Skyler Baker, Band Director for Snyder Junior High and Kaycee Schniers, Assistant Principal for Snyder Intermediate. Here are just a few of the comments we received about why these two individuals are so deserving.

“I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Skyler Baker for the Employee of the Month award. I have witnessed her exceptional dedication and transformative impact on our junior high band program over the last 2 years. She is one of the MAJOR reasons my 6th grade daughter LOVES junior high! Band is her FAVORITE class! Under Ms. Baker's guidance, the junior high band has experienced a remarkable improvement, both musically and as a cohesive unit. She has implemented innovative teaching methods that have inspired our students to excel beyond expectations. Through her unwavering commitment and passion for music education, Ms. Baker has instilled in our young musicians a love for their craft and a drive for continuous improvement. I can not wait to see how her passion and commitment to building this program will transform our Pride of the West Band at Snyder HS.”

“Ms. Baker is the best teacher ever. She helped me out in band and helps me understand how to play my instrument. Her, and the other band directors are the best people. I feel like she should earn employee of the month. They plan super fun trips at the end of the year we got to go to UIL for band because of them!”

“Ms. Schniers is always busy serving the students and staff of Snyder Intermediate, she is an exceptional leader and goes above and beyond to make sure her students and staff are safe, provided for, and helped, Having administrators that truly care for the campus and its people make a huge difference!”

“Ms. Schniers goes above and beyond her call to duty. She is constantly walking the building! She is in classrooms, hallways, and even bus duty; she does it all. Not only is she consistently around, but she is also very supportive of the teachers and students on our campus. I have heard her ask for teacher and student suggestions when problems arise, and not only does she listen, but sometimes says, "Oh, I haven't thought of that; that's a good idea!" What a great way of showcasing to her peers and students that it is important to model our saying, "Seek first to understand." Ms. Schniers acts as a teacher, counselor, disciplinarian, volunteer, vice principal, and so much more!”

anthony gonzales and family Welcoming Coach Anthony Gonzales and his family

dr. gore and familyWelcoming Dr. Jessica Gore and her family

It’s a great day to be a Tiger! We’re proud to have ALL of you as part of the Tiger Family!